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Telecom Solutions, PABX, PBX, IP Phone Solutions
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Soft Emirates is the best complete telecom solutions (PABX, PBX, IP Phone Solutions Dubai) provider in Dubai, UAE. With over 4 years of experience in telecom industry, we provide the most reliable and the latest telecom communication systems in Dubai, UAE. A lot in business depends upon how well things, ideas, reports are communicated. Telephone systems are the most effective media of communication in office environment. Soft Emirates provide the best office telephone systems, business phone systems in Dubai, UAE. We provide telephone systems from market-leaders like Avaya, Cisco, Panasonic, Grandstream etc.

IP PBX, PABX System Dubai, Telephone System

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. Most of them are automated now, hence PABX where A stands for automatic. PBX, PABX system uses very fewer service lines unlike conventional system which is the very benefit of having a PABX system. Fewer service lines obviously means less cost. Soft Emirates has a team of experts to provide you with the most reliable PABX systems Dubai. We work closely with market leaders like panasonic pabx system Dubai, cisco pbx system Dubai etc. PABX installation Dubai has never been easier. With Soft Emirates at your service you can sit back and relax through the whole process of telephone installations and PABX system installation Dubai.

VoIP Solutions UAE, IP Telephony Systems in UAE

Analog phones are long gone. Voice Over IP Phones/VoIP phones have revolutionized telecommunication. IP phones are phones which use TCP/IP network to communicate unlike traditional phones which use analog lines. IP telephones can be just hardware or they can be software solution too. VoIP phones can be operated by connecting to any Internet connection which is one of its supreme benefits. VoIP phones also stand out due to top-notch sound quality. Soft Emirates provides the best VoIP solutions Dubai, UAE. We provide office telephone systems and business phone systems in Dubai via various top brands like Avaya phone system UAE, Cisco IP phone etc.

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Soft Emirates understands your telecom needs better than anyone else. We provide custom telecom communication systems in Dubai, UAE that suits all your needs at a very reasonable rate. Our after-installation support is unmatched in the industry. We only provide the best brands in IP telephony systems, office telephone systems. Place an enquiry now to associate with the best in telecom solutions in Dubai, UAE.
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