Public Wifi Solutions

The new mobile generation expects to be able to access the internet on many devices from any location. Libraries, museums, cafes, lounges, and working areas serve as a hub of knowledge and entertainment for the local community and public Wi-Fi is now an important component of keeping these places lively and appealing. You may achieve this by providing Wi-Fi in public spaces with our soft emirates omnipresent Public Wi-Fi solutions. Our adaptive antenna technology is very significant for picking the best patterns for each connecting device in real-time delivering the high-quality Wi-Fi service that the public expects.

Public Wi-Fi solutions for your customers:

Whether you are a big retailer, an entertainment venue, or a travel firm, soft emirates Public Wi-Fi can help you stand out and give your consumers a better experience. It also gives you insight into your customers wants, allowing you to boost client retention. We will also double-check that everything is lawful, including content filtering, data retention and Data Protection.

Benefits of soft emirates public Wi-Fi:

Better customer relationship- understands, attract and interact with every customer in new ways.

Improve your business- Run targeted promotional activities and unlock the new and fresh revenue streams.

Increased security- Protect your network and enhance performance by separating the guest wifi traffic.

Save money- Decrease infrastructure value by sharing the components of your network.

Extensive wireless coverage- We use the most up-to-date wireless technology in our solution. It provides wireless service in areas where coverage is difficult to come by.

Optimal network performance: It provides great performance by ensuring that all users receive the signal intensity they require.

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